Why Konnect Peers ?

Why should you turn to KonnectPeers, when there are so many firms out there offering recruitment solutions? We're more than happy to answer your question. Most HR recruitment firms, or Headhunters, provide a single service - candidate sourcing and recruitment assistance. That's where we differ. We don't just deposit our sourced candidates at your door, armed with a resume and photograph. No - we interview each candidate, look for gaps in understanding and eligibility, and fill those gaps through diligent training. How often have you struggled with employees who are unable to word a decent email? You won't face that issue with our candidates. We make sure you get the very best - trained, enhanced and made fully client-worthy. We offer our services to clients across the length and breadth of India and across multiple verticals. Our success is built on the collected experience of our leaders, and their unparalleled insights into the people dynamics behind corporations. Our commitment is given to establishing long-term strategic relationships with our clients through intuitive, reliable and dedicated recruitment services. Think of us as your candidate sourcing, hiring and validating partner. We are here to empower you to choose the very best talent in today's flooded job market.

Take a look at what we can do for you:

  • Scout for top talent at entry level via savvy campus interviews
  • Delve through extensive databases till we get the right fit for the right post
  • Train raw talent in business techniques and communication before deploying them
  • Perform thorough background checks, to allow only the best through your portals
  • Serve all your recruitment needs - for permanent, contract and consultant employees.