How We Work

It's easy to just recruit someone based on specs, but what happens when the candidate quits before time? We want to help you hire the kind of people who won't quit early. We want to give you the kind of hires who'll be long-term assets. So how do we go about this?

Step 1: Getting the Right Job Description:

Job descriptions change with each successive employee, as additional responsibilities are added. That's why we insist on the updated job description, inclusive of all add-ons. Only then do we source the right fit.

Step 2: Searching For The Right Candidate:

Superstar candidates don't rain down from the sky. We have to search for them, and sift and sort and sift again till we achieve a small shortlist. Our thorough due diligence helps us source the kind of A-level candidates that our clients want.

Step 3: Selling The Job To The Candidate:

The best candidates are not interested in just great new jobs. What they want are great new jobs with great new employers. This is where it gets tricky. We have to not only sell the job description, but also sell our client to the candidate. We have to do this in a positive manner, pointing out why it's in the candidate's best interests to join our client's firm. It takes time, skill and conviction to convince the right candidate for the job at hand, and we're happy to say we're really good at it.

Step 4: Screening Candidates:

We screen candidates via telephone, creating a shortlist that's further whetted by an aptitude test. The final shortlist is put through a Face-to-Face interview by two recruiters; while one asks the questions, the other observes body language, communication skills and truthfulness.

Step 5: Thorough Background Verification:

Before we go forward with the candidate, we run a detailed background verification check to detect untruths and anomalies.

Step 6: Client Interview:

Before sending our candidate for client interview, we train them on how to answer questions confidently while maintaining positive body language. Only when our candidates are thoroughly prepped and ready do we allow them to meet our clients. By this stage, the candidates are offer-ready, pending client approval.

Step 7: Recruitment:

Once we've obtained client's go-ahead, we recruit the candidate for the job.

Step 8: Spotting Gaps:

Once the candidate is on board, we see if he or she requires any soft skills brush up. We offer a number of select training programs - business communication, email etiquette, body language, team building and others.